Reading progress update: I've read 87 out of 329 pages.

Rule Britannia (Virago Modern Classics Book 120) - Daphne du Maurier, Ella Westland

The radio was already blaring as she went into the kitchen. ‘Several youths and young men,’ the announcer was saying, ‘have already been picked up on suspicion of having taken part in last night’s disorderly scenes after the fireworks display on Poldrea beach. Colonel Cheeseman has stated that he is assuming full responsibility for dealing with the incident. Anyone who is believed to have taken part will be held in custody until they can give proof of their innocence. The parents or relatives of any missing persons should apply to Colonel Cheeseman personally or in writing, and information will be given to them.’

This book is DARK. Guilty until proven innocent is just one of the scary developments. What is worst of all is that this not exactly pursued by force but mostly by sweet-talk and  euphemisms. It takes a lot to see through the lies and double-talk - it is very Orwellian and very realistic.


To me, this book is scarier than any of Atwood's that I have read.


Oh, and of course, it looks like tomorrow will be fuelled by caffeine because I am hooked to find out how the rebellion led by an 80-year-old former actress and her family of "Lost Boys" will fare. 

I guess there is another message in there about not writing off people who seem unlikely.