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Watson's Choice - Gladys Mitchell

I'm really enjoying this one. In particular, I love all the obvious and not-so-obvious reference to the Holmes canon. 

‘Difficult to say.’ He frowned, trying to work it out. ‘And, of course, I did find the body, didn’t I?’

This statement impressed Mrs Bradley.

‘I shouldn’t worry,’ she said, and in such dulcet accents that Grimston looked at her gratefully.

‘I know that’s just bromide,’ he said, ‘and yet I believe you really mean it.’

‘Did you,’ asked Mrs Bradley earnestly, ‘recently go to see a man about a dog?’

‘I?’ He looked puzzled. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Nothing, if you do not know what I mean, child. Now tell me all about the body.’


The police took statements from the three who had discovered the body, and heard the tale of the dog on the station. They appeared to attach no importance to it.