Halloween Bingo: Creepy Carnivals

Watson's Choice - Gladys Mitchell

My second choice of book for this weekend will be Gladys Mitchell's Watson's Choice. I've been eyeing up this one for quite some time, for reasons that will become clear once you've read the below opening paragraphs of the book. 


I am reading this for the Creepy Carnivals square. I don't like carnie stories. But luckily the task for this square lends itself to wider application:


"Creepy Carnivals: horror/mystery/supernatural set in or concerning a carnival, amusement park, or other party/festival - ..."


I'm going to with the mention of "or other party" here. 


Watson's Choice opens with the invitation to a fancy dress party, which provides the central stage for the story...at least according to the book's blurb.

‘SO IT IS the Great Anniversary,’ remarked Mrs Bradley one dingy autumn morning. ‘And, in case we had forgotten to celebrate it in a fitting manner, here is an invitation from Sir Bohun Chantrey for us to attend a Sherlock Holmes dinner at his house on the twenty-fifth of November.’

‘Us?’ enquired her secretary, Laura Menzies.

‘Certainly. You, myself, and Detective-Inspector Gavin, our dear Robert.’

‘Why Gavin?’ asked Laura, who habitually referred to her swain by his surname. ‘You, of course; me as your amanuensis and general dogsbody, certainly. But why Gavin?’

‘I gather that Sir Bohun wishes him to impersonate Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard. We are to go in fancy dress, it seems. Each one of us is to represent a personage in a Sherlock Holmes story.’

See. I  HAVE to read this. It combines two of my favourite things - Golden Age mystery AND Sherlock Holmes.