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Blood Rubies - Dennis Schuetz, Axel Young, Michael McDowell

Bloody hell, this is DARK.

“Yes,” agreed Katherine, “it was awful.”

Anne Dolan leaned forward earnestly. “What if things don’t go right, Kathy?”

“What do you mean?”

“What if they don’t believe us? They’ll send me to Framingham. I hear stories about Framingham here—it’s awful there. I’ve ridden through Framingham, and I didn’t like it . . .”

Katherine did not bother to point out to her mother that were she sent to the women’s prison there, she wouldn’t be spending much time in the town.

“They have capital punishment here now,” whispered Anne Dolan. “I remember when the governor signed the bill, I thought, That’s a terrible thing to do, what if somebody’s innocent and gets sent to the electric chair? And now it could be me, Kathy, they might end up putting me in the electric chair, have you ever thought about that? I’m scared,” she whimpered.

“They don’t have the electric chair any more, Ma. It’s poison gas.”