Halloween Bingo - Black Cat

Katzengeschichten - Patricia Highsmith

I'm in the middle of a re-shuffle of planned Bingo books and have a new plan: I'll keep the audiobook of The Little Stranger going in the background for the event that I need a quick turn to a comfort read. It's such a great book for settling in with at night now that the nights draw in earlier than during the summer.


The Black Cat square has been a bit of a challenge for me. I had one only one! - book that matches the prompt and it's not one that I am keen to read right now - it's experimental fiction...and one has to be in the right mood for it. 


However, I had a thought that Patricia Highsmith was a cat lover and that one of her books may feature a cat on the cover somewhere. So, I did a bit of Ammy browsing and Bingo!


There are two of hers that feature a cat:

One is the German edition of The Animal Lover's Book of Beastly Murder, which I have read already and have no intention of re-reading because I find reading about animal cruelty an absolute no-go-zone.


The second book is a German edition (Diogenes, the Swiss publisher, was her main publisher) of a collection of stories featuring cats. I believe there are three stories, and judging by the cover the cats come in all shades and markings. 


Oh, and since this is a Highsmith book, I have no doubt that it will meet the requirements for "mystery, suspense, or supernatural".