Halloween Bingo: Darkest London

Two for Sorrow - Nicola Upson

I had planned to read Murder by Matchlight for the Darkest London square because the title seemed to be perfect for that "darkest" square, but having sat through more than an average number of disappointing Bingo reads last week...and this weekend... I need something reliably good. 


And I just do not know what Murder by Matchlight will be like.


So, I am returning to Nicola Upson's Josephine Tey series for some well-written historical fiction. I didn't like Book # 2 (Angel with Two Faces) in this series, but I liked the writing style and plot and general keeping with researched facts of Book # 1 (An Expert in Murder) enough to give Two for Sorrow a try. 


And I'll keep my last mystery novel actually written by Josephine Tey (Miss Pym Disposes) close by in case I need another emergency comfort read.