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The Sittaford Mystery - Agatha Christie

LoL. I forgot that this reference to ACD was in here.


‘Yes, it is odd,’ agreed Mr Enderby. ‘There might be something at the bottom of that—something to do with Captain Trevelyan’s past life.


‘That séance business was queer too,’ he added. ‘I’m thinking of writing that up for the paper. Get opinions from Sir Oliver Lodge and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a few actresses and people about it.’


‘What séance business?’ Mr Enderby recounted it with gusto. There was nothing connected with the murder that he had not managed somehow or other to hear.

‘Bit odd, isn’t it?’ he finished. ‘I mean, it makes you think and all that. May be something in these things. First time I’ve really ever come across anything authentic.’


Emily gave a slight shiver. ‘I hate supernatural things,’ she said. ‘Just for once, as you say, it does look as though there was something in it. But how—how gruesome!’


‘This séance business never seems very practical, does it? If the old boy could get through and say he was dead, why couldn’t he say who murdered him? It ought to be all so simple.’


This had me snigger.

ACD was involved in the search for Christie when she went missing for 11 Days in 1926. Only, where people had expected the creator of Sherlock Holmes to apply some extraordinary detective skills, ACD chose to hire a psychic. It did not help the search a lot.