Reading progress update: I've read 67%.

Sanctuary - William Faulkner

I'm sure this book made a lot more sense in Faulkner's head than it does on the actual page. 

I'm also not thrilled by the actual writing. Sure, there is lots of atmosphere in it but there is very little in the way of description about the characters that would shed some light on whether they act as a result of their character or out of some motivation despite of it. 

I have no idea. 


All in all, they are all pretty vile.


And what was Faulkner's intention with respect to the role of Temple? What's with the violence against the women in this book?


It is a deeply unpleasant read so far, but what has been really annoying is that I cannot make head or tail of the story.


Unless that is the point of the book? That people are vile?

So many questions.