Reading progress update: I've read 72%.

The Kraken Wakes - John Wyndham

‘They reckons as there was well over a bloody ’undred of the damn things done-in them two nights. And then there’s all those that come up in other places, too – there must be bloody thousands of the bastards a-crawlin’ all over the bloody sea-bottom. Time something was bloody done about ’em, I say. But no. “No cause for alarm,” says the bloody Government. Huh, we’ve had a basinful of that before. It’ll go on being no bloody cause for bloody alarm until a few hundred poor devils somewhere ’as got their bloody selves lassoed by flying jellyfish. Then it’ll be all emergency orders and bloody panic. You watch.’

Just the perfect quote on this day of nut-case politics led by a nut-case PM and his nut-case goons...but anyway, just a quick update on John Wyndham's The Kraken Wakes.


I'm utterly dismayed to confirm that there is no bloody Kraken. Ugh. 


This also means that the book is not right for the Cryptozoologist square. 

So, I am playing one of my Transfiguration Cards:




...and turn my Cryptozoologist square into:



The narration is still dull as ditch water which is a shame because there are some really interesting points brought up by Wyndham.