The Flat Book Society: September nominations! - AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!

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I'm late! I'm late! I'm so, so late!


Many thanks to TeaStitchRead for the timely reminder that I totally forgot to post about the September nominations for the Flat Book Society!


So, yes, please vote for any of the current nominations that appeal to you!

Voting will be open until Monday, and the book with the most votes will be announced on Monday night (UK time). 


And if you haven't heard of our Flat Book Society and are intrigued, check it out! Everyone is welcome. 


PLEASE DO NOT BE SHY!  If you want a title there, please add it - even if it's been

added and voted on before.


Huggins below links to the current list of nominations/votes.




Note to group: Please remember this is a science book club and we try to stick with books whose primary subject matter is science. Not science fiction, history, or, politics etc. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of those subjects, they fall outside the agreed upon scope of this group.