Halloween Bingo - The Gang Receives a Letter

It is the time of year and the Gang is getting excited about the upcoming Halloween Bingo season. This is always a special time of year. Not only are the Gang excited about the upcoming reading challenges, drinks, snacks, and general merriment caused by the Booklikes community, but this is also the time of year when the Gang meets up with friends and the Weresheep. It's true that the Weresheep has been rather elusive and hardly made any appearances last year, but from what I have been told, the runes foretell a busy season for sightings this October.  



As you might remember from my last Halloween Bingo post, I believed that the Gang had asked one of their friends to join us for the bingo festivities. This has become a bit of a tradition: two years ago, the Gang was joined by Baron Samedi in the Halloween Bingo celebrations, and last year, our cher ami Hastings added some extra excitement to the game. 



This year, I was not sure whom the Gang invited. All I knew, was that a letter had been drafted and that I was missing some stamps. 


Anyway, as the Gang engaged in the annual tidying of the barn and preparation of the pumpkin patch this morning, a letter arrived:




 Hah! This should be splendid!


I have posted the holiday snap behind the "Spoiler Tags". 




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