Reading progress update: I've read 34%.

Home is the Hunter: A Comedy in Two Acts - Helen MacInnes

I ended up starting MacInnes' take on Odysseus' homecoming before work this morning. I have no idea why I was up so early but I managed to read a fair chunk of the play. 


The interesting thing about this one is that the setting includes clear references to 20th-century war scenarios. 

I was particularly gripped by her showing Odysseus from three different angles:


1. From Odysseus point of view,

2. From the pov of his son, Telemachus, whose perception of the man is solely based on tales and legend; and

3. The pov of Penelope.


I really want to pick up the Iliad to compare notes about the circumstances of Odysseus going off to war, because MacInnes version of Penelope's telling sees Odysseus as a trying to evade the draft, which seems an interesting approach. It's certainly at odds with Telemachus image of his father as a hero-warrior.


Can't wait to get back to this one tonight.