Halloween Bingo - Preparty - Day # 10 - Most Anticipated Reads

The Fisherman - John Langan The Monk - Christopher MacLachlan, Matthew Gregory Lewis Dracul (Stoker's Dracula #1) - J.D. Barker, Dacre Stoker

Halloween Bingo has become a Booklikes tradition. Along with the game itself, there are also some other traditions that have emerged: the celebration of markers and pre-game planning, the forming of group reads, the adornment of blogs with all things seasonal. 


For my own taking part in Halloween Bingo, there are three small reading-related traditions that have evolved over the past four years and that, even tho I don't do tradition much elsewhere, I wouldn't want to miss:


1. Reading something totally out of my comfort zone. 

2. Reading a Gothic classic.

3. Reading something recommended by Char. 


The Fisherman was a book that Char recommended, and that is the only thing I really remember about the book. But anyway, look at that cover...isn't it gorgeous?


The Monk is a Gothic Classic that has been on my list for ages. I nearly picked it last year for the Gothic square but then ended up with Mary Shelley's The Last Man, which I have no regrets about at all. However, when Darth Pedant mentioned The Monk the other day, I had to make sure the book would end up on this year's Halloween Bingo TBR. 


Dracul by Barker and Stoker is a book I would not have picked up other than for the game's purpose. I got a copy in May at my local bookstore - mostly because the cover is fabulous...and Char liked it - but much of the proposed story is outside my usual reading. The story is based on a real person (Bram Stoker) but plays fast and loose with the biographical facts...I guess...or hope...from what I read in the description. 


So, three books I am very much looking forward to that fit my three Halloween Bingo  reading traditions.