Halloween Bingo - Card & Books - Planned Reads & Tracking Post

*** BLACKOUT ***


Many thanks to Moonlight Murder for my lovely card for this year's Halloween Bingo.

As with previous years, I will update this post as we go along - with Harriet & Peter covering squares I have read, and The Gang popping up on squares that have been called.

I am also listing the books I plan to read / have read for each square - with () being planned reads, Italics being books in progress, and bold being books I have read:


Row # 1:


Southern Gothic: Sanctuary - William Faulkner

Cozy Mystery: She Died a Lady - John Dickson Carr

Dark Academia: The Incredible Crime by Lois Austen-Leigh

Diverse Voices Genre: Suspense (Transfiguration Card #2): The Taste of Murder - Joanna Cannan

Full Moon:  The Sittaford Mystery - Agatha Christie 


Row # 2:


Genre: Horror: Dracul - J.D. Barker & Dacre Stoker

Amateur Sleuth: The Mystery of the Skeleton Key - Bernard Capes

Halloween: Hallowe'en Party - Agatha Christie

Darkest London: Two for Sorrow - Nicola Upson

Black Cat:  Katzengeschichten - Patricia Highsmith


Row # 3:


Cryptozoologist Dystopian Hellscape (Transfiguration Card #1):  The Kraken Wakes - John Wyndham 

Locked Room Mystery: The Singing Sands - Josephine Tey

Free Space:  Rule Britannia - Daphne Du Maurier 

Gothic: The Monk - Matthew Lewis

Film at 11 Deadlands (Transfiguration Card #2): Pyramids - Terry Pratchett


Row # 4:


Ghost Stories: The Little Stranger - Sarah Waters

International Woman of Mystery: People Who Knock on the Door - Patricia Highsmith

Relics and Curiosities: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - J.K. Rowling

13: Busman's Honeymoon - Dorothy L. Sayers

Truly Terrifying: The Remedy - Thomas Goetz


Row # 5:

Spellbound: Circe - Madeline Miller

Sleepy Hollow: Blood Rubies - Michael McDowell

Creepy Carnivals: Watson's Choice - Gladys Mitchell

Fear The Drowning Deep: Danger! - Arthur Conan Doyle

Monsters: Frankenstein - Mary Shelley



Unallocated but in progress:  n/a


Transfiguration Cards available: 0 of 3