Halloween Bingo - Time to Get Serious

The bingo squares have been revealed, the bingo cards have been issued, and Moonlight has officially kicked things off by being the first BLiker to adopt a seasonal blog theme.

Things are getting serious. 

And even tho it looks like most of August is still ahead of us, there is a lot for The Gang to prepare for the game, starting with what is probably the most fun and important part of the game - inviting friends to help with marking off the bingo card. 


All I am saying is that I have spotted some spilled ink and saw one of the pesky seagulls limp off missing a couple of tail feathers. I have also been asked to supply a stamp or two.


I don't keep watch over The Gang and try not to interfere, but I think it is safe to say that invites have been drafted and posted. 

Planning is well and truly in progress.