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Amos Petrie's Puzzle: An Amos Petrie Mystery (Black Heath Classic Crime) - Turner Publishing Company

“WHO comes next?” asked the Inspector as the door closed behind Lady Belden. “Our last witness was not an entire success, was she?”

“Very curious, Ripple. It has given me quite a lot to think about. Now I think we will try that little woman—the one with the saucer-shaped eyes, boat-shaped mouth, hair like a shampoo advertisement, red paint on nails that are too long, feet like a geisha girl, and a simpering air that covers a quantity of confidence and brazen nerve. What is her name?”

“You mean Sadie Melsa, the film star.”

“One of those who make the sunshine jealous, and the flower droop its head, cause palpitation in the breast of the cashier every time he pays the salary, and regard all the world as a stage and all the men as merely payers.”

Another rubbish cover but a decent mystery so far.