Reading progress update: I've read 15 out of 264 pages.

Death Must Have Laughed: An Amos Petrie Mystery (Black Heath Classic Crime) - Turner Publishing Company

I didn't get far with this last night, but even the beginning of this story made me smile already. 


I loved the opening scene, set in a court, with the prosecutor addressing the jury...only we don't know who the defendant is, yet. 


Then the book cuts to the story of Al "Killer" Fanlagan, a boxer, who is described with suitable menace:


"Harry made no attempt to complete his sentence. There are moments when silence can be expedient. This was such a moment. The old man made no sound when the powerful hand fell on his shoulder, no comment as the fingers bit into his flesh. He knew that he was staring into the eyes of murder."


Could Fanlagan be the prisoner at the bar we get to hear about in the opening pages? Is it misdirection?


I have no idea, but I am really intrigued.

It's like a fabulous black and white movie.