Halloween Bingo Pre-Party - Day # 1


Mystery or Horror? 

The funny thing is that when we first played Halloween Bingo, I would have straight up said a big loud "Hell NO!!" to horror. I love mystery, I like a good thriller, but I have never been a fan of the horror genre. It's mostly because I hate blood and gore and have never been a fan of the modern horror novel or what passed for that when people kept throwing Stephen King at me. (I like the guy, but his books aren't for me.) 

Then Char recommended a few books and changed my mind. And, iirc, I think this was during the very first Halloween Bingo, when I picked up The Haunting of Hill House and absolutely loved it. 


So, while I still reserve most of my horror reads for that special time of year that is the Booklikes Halloween Bingo season, I feel I am much more open to recommendations in the horror genre than I have been in the past, even so much so that I am quite anxious that I will run out of Michael McDowell's books soon. I am planning on reading Katie or Toplin this year, and I know both are basically "slasher stories". 

So, what does that tell you?!


And because I loved seeing everyone else getting organised, I have compiled my very own little Halloween Bingo TBR: