The Sunday Post - Summer Stroll



It's been a crazy busy week, which started with a concert last Sunday night that kept me up way past my bedtime and was followed by an early, early morning work trip on Monday. For the rest of the week, I've basically tried to catch up on sleep, but the heat and a busy social/theatre schedule put paid to that idea.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. I loved every minute of it, especially catching up with friends that I hadn't seen in a while - years actually. 


One such friend was one that I got lost with on a hill walk a few years ago, and that particular event still gave us laughs when we caught up. It also reminded us that we needed to go back on that walk to find out what happened. 

So, yesterday we did just that. 

We met at a farmers market to pick up some food, then set off for the walk again. It just felt so much like unfinished business. And then we quickly found the problem:


This post lies, misdirects, and generally promotes bad faith towards all sign posts everywhere.


Do not trust this post!


The track this posts directs to leads away from the route and makes to walk around a hill that is an additional 4 miles of detour. 


So, this time we ignored this post and followed the original path.


As it was really hot and sunny (yay, I had packed sun cream!!), the official path led along a river and through some woods, so it was the perfect place to cool down - even splash some of the water for additional refreshment. And obviously, we had picnic breaks.


It was glorious.  


Here are some more views from yesterday:



Today, I mostly pottered about, read, did household chores, prepped my meals for next week (I made a huge veggie lasagna which should last me for a while), and discussed our next walking adventure with my friend.

We have great plans - some of which combine a distillery, a queen, and a pyramid! :D


Happy Sunday!