Reading progress update: I've read 1%.

The Snare of the Hunter - Helen MacInnes

Ok, I'm probably going to fall asleep really soon, but before I do I am making a start on Snare of the Hunter as my next BL-Opoly pick. 

I didn't know which book to pick, but then Moonlight Reader made the choice really easy when she offered up a buddy read!


And what can I say? How is it possible not to be drawn right in by the first page?

A feeling of laziness, of a gentle slipping into sleep, spread over the fields as the July sun arced slowly downward, deepening in colour, yet losing intensity. Here, at the edge of the trees, the cool shadows of late afternoon turned into evening cold. Irina Kusak drew the cheap raincoat, dingy brown and as unobtrusive as her grey skirt and blouse, more tightly around her. The dark headscarf, which had hidden her fair hair all through the long day’s journey south, was now loose over her shoulders. She pulled it closely around her neck, shivering not so much from the deepening shadows of the wood as from her mounting anxiety and fear as she stared down over the long naked slope of grass to the barbed-wire fence. The boundary. And across it, on the other side, in another country, was a stretch of quiet narrow road, sandwiched between the barbed wire of Czechoslovakia and the hills of Austria.

Oh, and let me just make this clear, I'm taping a sticky note over part of that cover. There is no freaking way I am reading this book in bed with a big-ass spider on the cover. 

What kind of monster chose this cover design?