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Agatha Christie’s Complete Secret Notebooks - Agatha Christie, John Curran, David Suchet


The notes for The Murder at the Vicarage are all contained in Notebook 33 and consist of 70 very organised pages that closely follow the progress of the novel. For the early chapters the chapter number is included; thereafter the remainder of the notes follow the novel in chronological order with little in the notebook that is not included in the published version. Two maps of St Mary Mead are included and the rest of Notebook 33 contains the draft for Three Act Tragedy.

As mentioned before, the notes in the notebooks aren't in chronological order, so references to all sorts of draughts and time periods seem to appear all over the place.


However, I like the idea that Dame Agatha seems to have conceived the plot of one of my favourites so clearly in her head that the notes are more of an aide-memoire than a draft working out the difficulties of the plot and clues.