Reading progress update: I've read 63%.

Blackwater: The Complete Saga - Michael McDowell, Matt Godfrey

Lucille shook her head doubtfully. Neither that night nor the nights that followed would Lucille permit Grace to sleep in her own room. She insisted that they share the same bed. Lucille was frightened of the dark and the overwhelming quiet outside. The silence was broken only by the occasional plop of a fish in the pond, or the crackle of breaking twigs as animals roamed through the forest. When she looked out she saw only the cold moon over Babylon reflected in the water of Gavin Pond. On the other side of the pond was a tiny graveyard with a dozen tombstones under which were buried all the members of the family who had built the farmhouse, and who had slept in the room she slept in now.

LoL. I'm having flashbacks to McDowell's other great, but utterly disturbing, book Cold Moon over Babylon...and all its blueberry bushes.