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Blackwater: The Complete Saga - Michael McDowell, Matt Godfrey

Elinor nodded. She dropped to her knees again and continued to towel Frances dry.

“That’s because you were upset. You were upset on Lucille’s account. I don’t blame you, either. Not one little bit.”

“Mama, is this ever gone happen again?”

Elinor didn’t answer. She stood up, tossed the towel into the corner of the bathroom, and took a robe from a hook on the door.

“Put this on. Let’s go in the other room and let me brush your hair.”

“Mama,” said Frances calmly, as she allowed herself to be led into the next room, “you got to tell me this time. You cain’t keep on putting me off and putting me off when I ask you about things. Not after what happened tonight.

LoL. That was one helluva mother-and-daughter talk.