@Elentarri - Pics of the Oxford Edition

Hi Elentarri,


These are the pics of the Oxford Edition I have. 

The font is slightly bigger and much better spaced than the other edition of The Complete Works I have at home (the friend I borrowed it from didn't want it back...).  


I much prefer the Oxford edition. :)


There are no footnotes or much referencing, but there is a glossary, a useful "Further Reading" section. I.e. this edition really focuses on the works themselves, but not on much additional information around the work, unless you count the 1-page introduction to each play/work.


The pages are not thin, which is great and you can't see the print on the other side shine through as in many of the "cheap" editions. However, the paper is slightly calendered which gives it a bit of a sheen. It doesn't produce a glare that has distracted me, but mileage may vary. 


Oh, and as you can see, the spine of the pb edition is pretty sturdy. I bet the hb edition would withstand heavy handling for decades. :)