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Blackwater: The Complete Saga - Michael McDowell, Matt Godfrey

Sister looked at her mother.

“For the time being,” Sister said. “Mama, it’s real pretty, you went to a lot of trouble.”

Mary-Love now knew several things. First was that, despite “for the time being,” Sister had no intention of leaving the house; and second, that she never had such an intention, the appearance she had given of having decided to leave her mother had been merely a feint. In this, Mary-Love thought she saw a little too much of herself.

Sister knew what she was doing, and it was to an equal that Mary-Love replied, “Of course I went to some trouble, Sister! I had to do something to keep you with me! What would I have done if you and Early had wanted to find someplace else to live? What would we have done with poor old Miriam? Would we have cut her in two with a sword? Would we have given her back to Elinor?”

“Couldn’t give up Miriam! But, Mama,” warned Sister, unwilling completely to give up the edge she had attained, “don’t go getting too used to having Early and me around. You never know when we’ll up and leave you high and dry!”

“Oh, you wouldn’t do that to your poor old mama,” said Mary-Love softly, then left them to unpack. 

Geez, these two are vicious, even to each other...


It's so, so good, tho. 


And, is it just me, or are there some distinct similarities with Boy's Life? Not with respect to the plot, mind you, but with respect to atmosphere.