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Bats in the Belfry - E.C.R. Lorac




I'm just not feeling this one but I'm too far in to abandon the book. And I do want to collect the full amount for the BL-Opoly square.


I'll probably finish this tomorrow, but right now I need another book. Any other book.

Elizabeth’s eyes grew as round as saucers; with her hat in her hand, and her red curls rumpled up like a baby’s, she looked as angelic as a modern young woman could look, with her lips pursed like a Raphael cherub.

“A corpse, in the Belfry? But Bobbie, who corpsed him?”

“I don’t know, bambina, and the cops don’t know either. Old Neil rang me up just now, simply bleating… I know, the blighter!”

A light of comprehension dawned in his eyes.

“That blinking Macdonald told Neil R. not to let me know anything. Confound him! He’ll be trying to tie the beastly unknown round my neck, like an albatross. He took my finger-prints, and now he’ll say he found ’em plastered all over the Belfry, and run me in for doing an anonymous murder. I always said the chap looked too much like Cassius, lean and hungry, and all that.”

Gawd, these people are getting on my nerves.