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Gaudy Night - Dorothy L. Sayers

I've missed Lord Saint-George. Why oh why did they leave him out of the tv adaptation? Well, him and Mr. Pomfret.

“Darling Harriet, that’s unkind. You don’t mind my calling you Harriet?”

   “As a matter of fact, I do, rather.”

“But I can’t keep on saying ‘Miss Vane’ to a person who knows all my hideous secrets. Perhaps I’d better accustom myself to saying ‘Aunt Harriet’. What’s wrong with that? You simply can’t refuse to be an adopted aunt to me. My Aunt Mary has gone all domestic and hasn’t time for me, and my mother’s sisters are the original gorgons. I’m dreadfully unappreciated and quite auntless for all practical purposes.”

   “You deserve neither aunts nor uncles, considering how you treat them. Do you mean to finish these cheques today? Because, if not, I have other things to do.”

   “Very well. We will continue to rob Peter to pay all. It’s wonderful what a good influence you have over me. Unbending devotion to duty. If you’d only take me in hand I might turn out quite well after all.”

   “Sign, please.”

“But you don’t seem very susceptible. Poor Uncle Peter!”

   “It will be poor Uncle Peter by the time you’ve finished.”