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It's a new roll day:


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2 2

Timestamp: 2019-06-21 23:01:42 UTC

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... which takes me to:


29. Scottie dog: Post a list or poll of 4 books, and ask your fellow players/followers to "fetch" you a book.


So, I pocket the card and roll again:


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5 6

Timestamp: 2019-06-21 23:03:18 UTC


...which takes me past Go! to:


3. However, by the end of the summer, I was usually bored out of my mind, and ready to go back to school (and I'm sure my mom was ready to send me back to school, too).
Read a book set in a school or college, or that is considered a "classic," (using any criteria that you want) or that is frequently banned.


Erm, how did I end up on this one again?


Part of me wants to re-read Gaudy Night just because... and part of me wants to use the opportunity to read another classic that's been on my shelf for ages.


This is a hard choice. I'll give it some thought overnight.