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Wedlock: How Georgian Britain's Worst Husband Met His Match - Wendy Moore

Studiously keeping his vices private, Bowes maintained the image of public virtue. The ostentatious displays of civic generosity and exotic gifts to powerful neighbours proved fruitful. Early in 1780 Bowes succeeded in getting himself elected High Sheriff of Northumberland, one of the most prestigious posts in the country, which brought with it important judicial responsibilities as well as further expenses. Heavily in debt, holding his sister prisoner, regularly abusing his wife and fathering illegitimate children, the new High Sheriff was expected to work with local judges and justices of the peace, organise hue-and-cry chases and attend executions as a pillar of legal rectitude.

Please, somebody tell me that Stoney (a.k.a. Bowes ... because he had to take his wife's name as part of the conditions of marriage) will be clubbed to death by either Mary Eleanor or his sister. What a vile, vile piece of ...