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Blackwater: The Complete Saga - Michael McDowell, Matt Godfrey

Bray stiffened with his paddle in the water.

The boat rammed against the brick wall, and the black man and the white man rocked backward and forward with the shock.

“I have waited and waited,” said the young woman standing in the open window.

She was tall, thin, pale, erect, and handsome. Her hair was a kind of muddy red, thick, and wound in a loose coil. She wore a black skirt and a white blouse. There was a rectangular gold-and-jet brooch at her throat.

“Who are you?” said Oscar in wonder.

“Elinor Dammert.”

“I mean,” said Oscar, “why are you here?”

“In the hotel?”


“I was caught by the flood. I couldn’t get away.”

“Ever’body got out of the hotel,” said Bray. “They got out or they took ’em out. Last Wednesday.”

“They forgot me,” said Elinor.

Well, hellooo, Elinor. 

And with that we are off.

I'm unsettled.

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