Choosing the Best English Translation of The Count of Monte Cristo

Reblogged from Elentarri's Book Blog:

"So you want to read Alexandre Dumas’ classic adventure, The Count of Monte Cristo. And you don’t read French.

No problem. This massive novel has been available in English since the 1840s. You’ll find a copy in any decent library or bookstore, and if you like reading ebooks, you can download the novel for free because it’s not under copyright. That’s sorted, then.


Not so fast!


As soon as you visit the library or bookshop or click over to Amazon, you realize there are a host of publishers offering a myriad of paperback and hardcover editions and dozens of digital versions. What’s the difference?


Unexpurgated, unabridged, abridged, children’s, illustrated, and film versions are available. Keep reading to learn how to choose an edition that’s right for you."


Read further on this very helpful website to decide whether you want a good unabridged translation, a Victorian English translation, abridged version, manga, children's, or illustrated etc version.


Which English translation or edition of The Count of Monte Cristo should I read?