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Death on the Cherwell - Mavis Doriel Hay

"Undergraduates, especially those in their first year, are not, of course, quite sane or quite adult. It is sometimes considered that they are not quite human."


Is it me, or are the group of young women all particularly "young"? I mean, I get that they are teenagers, but they seem rather childish.


They're certainly nothing like the second and third years that Ms Vane meets in Gaudy Night, not that I am looking to compare Hay's book with Sayers' masterpiece all the way through the end...but on the other hand it can't be helped. They are both set in Oxford, involve punting, and were published in the same year. 


In a way, I can see the members of the half-formed "Lode League", the secret society that the "girls" are trying to set up at the beginning of the book, getting on rather well with a certain Mr. Pomfret of Gaudy Night.