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The Singing Sands - Josephine Tey

I probably will not read much of the next book tonight as I have a blinder of a headache, but I still wanted to find out what the Opoly Gods had in store for me next!


So, it's time for the next roll:


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5 3

Timestamp: 2019-05-30 19:50:24 UTC


..which lands me on:


11. There are gorgeous beaches all over the world. My personal favorite beach is in Pacific City, Oregon.
Read a book set in a coastal/beach region that you love, or would love to visit, or a book that has a beach or ocean on the cover.


I am fairly sure that The Singing Sands takes place, at least in a large part, in the Hebrides, which have some of the most beautiful beaches around this part of the world (and there are so many gorgeous beaches close by).


Luskentyre Beach (Photo found on the Internet) - the reason it looks deserted is probably because the water is freezing. ;D


I have been to some of the islands of the Inner Hebrides but haven't been to the Outer Hebrides, yet, something I am hoping to remedy asap. 


Anyway, back to the book: The Singing Sands is my last book in Tey's Alan Grant series and I am a little sorry about that because I truly love that series. 

I am also really looking forward to it. 

I really wish Tey had been able to write more novels.


Btw, I will likely be switching between my paperback copy and the kindle version (what can I say, I am a Tey fan!), and the kindle version also has a beach on the cover.


Date Bank Square Title Pages DNF DNF @ Page # Rating Notes
May 20 $20             (Starting Bank Balance)
May 20 $3 5 Death on the Nile 320     5  
May 22 $0 Jail Ladies' Bane 237     3.5  
May 24 $3 15 Savage Summit 303     4  
May 24 $1 25 Bel Canto 319 1 50 1 Memorial Day Bonus Roll # 1
May 24 $3 35 The Division Bell Mystery 254     4 Memorial Day Bonus Roll # 2
May 27 $5 Go - -     -  
May 27 $3 4 Ways of Escape 309     3.5  
May 30   11  The Singing Sands    247       in progress
 Total: $38              


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