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Ways Of Escape (Vintage Classics) - Graham Greene

I've had a blast with Savage Summit and The Division Bell Mystery, even if Bel Canto was a flop. 


Now it's time for the next roll:


You rolled 2 dice:

4 2

Timestamp: 2019-05-27 19:03:35 UTC


..which lands me on:


4. One of the highlights of starting a new school year was going shopping for school clothes or supplies
Read a book that was published during the months of May, June or July, or that contains an item that would be used as a school supply or an article of clothing or an accessory pictured on the cover.


My edition of Graham Greene's Ways of Escape has a pair of shoes on the cover. So, I'll use this one.


I'm excited. I haven't read anything by Greene in a while, and this is one of his non-fiction titles. Well, it is to the extent that his autobiographical writing can be called non-fiction, as he was prone to re-invent parts of himself in his autobiographies. ;D


I have also passed "Go" on my last roll, which brings my current BL-Opoly bank account up to the following:



Date Bank Square Title Pages DNF Abandoned @ Page # Rating Notes
May 20 $20             (Starting Bank Balance)
May 20 $3 5 Death on the Nile 320     5  
May 22 $0 Jail Ladies' Bane 237     3.5  
May 24 $3 15 Savage Summit 303     4  
May 24 $1 25 Bel Canto 319 1 50 1 Memorial Day Bonus Roll # 1
May 24 $3 35 The Division Bell Mystery 254     4 Memorial Day Bonus Roll # 2
May 27 $5 Go - -     -  
May 27   4 Ways of Escape 309       in progress
  $35       1742 1