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Ladies’ Bane - Patricia Wentworth

Curiouser and curiouser, ...


There is so much going on here. 


I'm not keen on the emotional apathy of the main characters. They seem to have no regrets over the death

of a child at all, and this only because they see her mental disability as a burden. Again, times have changed and all that, but I would have thought that at least someone would show some feeling towards the child.

(show spoiler)


We also have new clue, and another attempted murder which was prevented at the last moment by someone who seems to be ... Joseph Bell (on whom Sherlock Holmes was modelled):

“What happened? Were you behind us? What did you see?”

Miss Silver shook her head regretfully.

“Very little, I am afraid. There was a very big man in front of me wearing one of those old-fashioned Inverness capes. It was he, of course, who saved your sister’s life. No one could have reached her in time, but he caught her arm with the crook of his stick.”

Ione drew in her breath. “I didn’t see him,” she said—“only his arm—and the stick. He must have gone away.”

Miss Silver said in a non-committal voice, “He may not have wanted to be thanked.”