Reading progress update: I've read 25%.

Ladies’ Bane - Patricia Wentworth

“Oh, no, we never scold her,” said Jacqueline Delauny.

Her tone was that of the civilized person who is addressing a member of some backward tribe. Ione’s reactions were of the simplest. She felt an inward glow of fury, and she said,


Miss Delauny’s superiority became a little more pronounced. “It would not help.”

“Have you tried?”

Some parts of this story are painfully dated, but some are just hilarious. At least, I find them hilarious even if there is nothing funny about the idea that one could scold someone out of an addiction. 


Anyway, this story has been quite an onion so far ... it has layers peeling off, which reveal the mystery. I still haven't got a clue what the actual mystery is.


Btw, Ammy UK has this edition listed as 237 pages. I had read 9% before BL-Opoly so I'll round down to count only 200 pages towards my Jail space reading and will add a chapter from either Napoleon's Buttons or Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography towards the Jail reading task.