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Death on the Nile - Agatha Christie

Race found him still sitting there.

‘Well, Poirot, what about it? Pennington’s due in ten minutes. I’m leaving this in your hands.’

Poirot rose quickly to his feet.

‘First, get hold of young Fanthorp.’

‘Fanthorp?’ Race looked surprised.

‘Yes. Bring him to my cabin.’

Race nodded and went off.

Poirot went along to his cabin. Race arrived with young Fanthorp a minute or two afterward.

Poirot indicated chairs and offered cigarettes.

‘Now, Monsieur Fanthorp,’ he said, ‘to our business! I perceive that you wear the same tie that my friend Hastings wears.’

Aw. Hastings. I miss Hastings. I've never been a fan of Race (or Battle for that matter) and David Suchet's ridiculous choice of voice for Race in this narration is really not working for me. I would not mind at all if Race tripped and fell overboard.