Reading progress update: I've read 16 out of 421 pages.

Death on the Nile - Agatha Christie

I think, myself, that the book is one of the best of my ‘foreign travel’ ones, and if detective stories are ‘escape literature’ (and why shouldn’t they be!) the reader can escape to sunny skies and blue water as well as to crime in the confines of an armchair.


This is Agatha Christie's own verdict on Death on the Nile (copied from the Foreword), and I totally agree with both sentiments - that it is one of her best "foreign travel ones" (tho still eclipsed, imo, by Orient Express!) and that it is a fun story to escape to. 


I've read this one a few times now, and am looking to revisit it for this buddy read via David Suchet's narration. 

I started this morning, but alas Suchet's choice of voices for some of the female characters didn't work well with my fragile state of being that was still recovering from the late night, wine, and whatever else we had while sitting through the Eurovision song contest last night. 

So, I'll need to postpone this particular travel adventure until tonight or maybe tomorrow...on the off chance that it might fit one of the BL-Opoly tasks.