Reading progress update: I've read 9%.

Ladies’ Bane - Patricia Wentworth

“Oh, Nannie, I know it looks dreadful, but I fell down some area steps—and Mr. Severn has been so kind. Do you think—oh, do you think I could possibly have a wash?”

It might have been one thing, or it might have been another. It might have been the quality of the voice or the quiver in it, or just the drawn fatigue of the face out of which two candid eyes looked into hers, but the temperature underwent a marked improvement. Nannie knew a lady when she saw and heard one, green slime or no green slime, and she knew when what was wanted was a hot bath, and a hot drink, and a nice warm bed.

Ok, I haven't made much progress with this. Not because I don't like the book, but because it has been a long and hectic week, and the little time I had to myself I spent with friends - playing badminton or tennis. (Yes, apparently, our badminton games are a thing now. It's all good.)


Anyway, back to the book:  I've read on a bit from where I left off last time and now I'm getting some really eerie vibes from the story.


Why does Ione (our MC) address the old lady as "Nannie" rather than ask to be introduced and find out her name? 


And, more pressingly, why does Jim (our architect hero) still have a nanny??

Is Jim an incarnation of "the Honourable Member for the 18th Century"?

I'm really creeped out by this.