A Quick Update...

on the Will's World project: My mum sent me my old copy of Stanley Wells' excellent Shakespeare: A Life in Drama, including the pieces of paper I left in it as bookmarks when I first read this about 20 years ago. 



Also, I have wine. I have found some of the wine we had in Milan, and contrary to the usual experience of wine not tasting as good as when first tasted on a trip, it is really nice. 


So, I am all set for the next of the plays: Titus Andronicus. Except,... I will postpone this one until tomorrow, and instead jump ahead to a re-read of The Tempest


Reading Miranda in Milan by Katherine Duckett while travelling earlier this week left me wanting to re-read the original play, because I seemed to have had issues with the portrayal of some of the characters in Miranda in Milan, and I want to find out whether I just misremembered Shakespeare's characters or whether there is an actual reason that this grated on me so much. Not that this was the only thing that grated on me in Duckett's book, but this will have to wait until I get around to write a review.