Reading progress update: I've read 43 out of 373 pages.

The Lewis Man - Peter  May

Somehow, someone forgot to tell May it was May. It's been freezing with downpours of sleet for a couple of days. Not at all May-like.


So, I've been looking for a suitable tea and blanket Saturday read...because tea and blanket are my aspirations today, even tho I have so many errands to run before heading out on a work trip tomorrow that it will be a while until I get the tea and blanket sit down. 


Ah, well, at least the audiobook companion provides some t&b feel, even if it is an illusion.


I'm loving the atmosphere of this story so far. It's very similar to what I look forward to in McDermid's Karen Pirie series. If this keeps up, I may have found a new series to get stuck into.