Reading progress update: I've read 61 out of 1344 pages.

The Complete Works (Oxford Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare, John Jowett, Gary Taylor


Not all these lords do vex me half so much

As that proud dame, the Lord Protector's wife.

She sweeps it through the court with troops of ladies

More like an empress than Duke Humphrey's wife.

Strangers in court do take her for the queen.

She bears a duke's revenues on her back,

And in her heart she scorns our poverty.

Shall I not live to be avenged on her?

Contemptuous base-born callet as she is,

She vaunted 'mongst her minions t'other day

The very train of her worst-wearing gown

Was better worth than all my father's lands,

Till Suffolk gave two dukedoms for his daughter. 


- Henry VI, Pt. 2


While seeing the plays performed is fab, I'm thoroughly enjoying the reading experience, not least so because I can pause and ponder.


I am very tempted to start a list of fabulous insults I come across throughout this project. Part of me is interested in the statistics - frequency, number, date range / trending - and part of me just wants a list for personal use. "Contemptuous base-born callet" would probably not be one for everyday use, but it did catch my eye when reading the text. 


Btw, Henry VI, Pt. 2, seems rife with insults so far.


Thoughts anyone?