Lucia's Progress

Lucia's Progress - E.F. Benson

Lucia's Progress is the penultimate book in the Mapp & Lucia series. 


I have really enjoyed the series so far, even if is entirely preposterous. It is fluffy fun, and I love the character of Georgie, who is far the most likable character of the lot. 


In Lucia's Progress, the usual snobbery and competition for the role of queen bee of the village between Lucia and Elizabeth (Miss Mapp, tho now Mrs. Mapp-Flint) take place, but this time Lucia has to figure out what to do about everyone making assumptions about her and Georgie. And what a solution they come up with! It really made me laugh, ... because it is painfully ridiculous. But then, this series is all about the suspension of  serious social issues and creating an idyllic world where all things work out in the most twee ways. 


One thing, tho: Much like Benson's deliberations about golf in the previous books, this one sees Georgie utter the most astute comment about cricket, which endears him to me even more:

"Darling, it's so dull watching cricket," said Georgie. "One man hits the ball away and another throws it back and all the rest eat daisies."