My Next Book Club Read

The Outrun - Amy Liptrot

I've just come home from my book club meeting - yes, I was the only one to not have liked April's book (The Invention of Wings - see my post here), the other members seemed to have enjoyed it. Good for them.


The next pick was supposed to be Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller. However, the book club copies for this are currently on loan to another group, so the library offered us a different title: The Outrun by Amy Liptrot.


Having just looked up Obsidian Blue's review of Swimming Lessons, it sounds like we have had a lucky escape!


On the other hand, I am really intrigued by The Outrun. It is set on Orkney and this book has actually been on my I am thrilled this one came up out of the blue. 


Kirkwall, Orkney (2016)