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The Female Detective - Andrew Forrester, Alexander McCall Smith, Mike Ashley

The Unraveled Mystery seems to be an exercise in xenophobia, which is rather spoiling my enjoyment of the story. I know, I know ... it was written in 1864 yadda, yadda... but check this out and then tell me I should merely glance over it:


"The evidence of the fragments, therefore, goes problematically to prove that the murdered man was an educated foreigner, stabbed to death by one or more educated foreigners.

Now, what evidence can be offered which can support this theory?


In the first place, the complaints of the French Government to England, and the results of those complaints, very evidently show that London is the resting-place of many determined foreigners. In fact, it is a matter beyond all question, that London has at all times been that sanctuary for refugees from which they could not be torn. Hence London has always been the centre of foreign exiled disaffection. Then if it can be shown that foreign exiled disaffection is given to assassination, it stands good that we have here in London foreigners who are ready to assassinate. Experience shows that this tendency to assassinate on the part of foreign malcontents is a common understanding amongst them.

There is no need to refer to the attempts upon the life of the Emperor of the French, upon the life of the father of the late King of Naples—there is no need to point out that in the former cases the would-be assassins have lived in London, and have generally set out from London. All required is, to talk of tyranny with the next twenty foreigners you may meet, good, bad, and indifferent. It will be found that the ordinary theory in reference to a tyrant is, not that he shall be overthrown by the will of the people, but by the act of assassination."