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Below the Clock - J.V. Turner

THE House of Commons has its moments.

Ascot bends a fashionable knee to hail Gold Cup Day with an elegant genuflection, Henley hesitates between pride and sophistication to welcome the Regatta, Epsom bustles with democratic fervour as Derby day approaches, Cowes bows with dignified grace as curving yachts carve another niche in her temple of fame, Aintree wakens and waves to saints and sinners on Grand National day, and Wimbledon wallows for a week in a racket of rackets.

The House of Commons has its Budget Day …

What a fab opening paragraph.


I've just returned from a week away with work and am very much looking forward to spending time just relaxing with a fun mystery. I hope this is that fun mystery. 


Oh, and yeah, I totally bought the book because of the cover...that and Tigus seemed to like it.