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Spring - Ali Smith

As he thinks it, an email appears in his inbox.


Subject: Re: our mother’s memorial service

Dear Richard

very sorry but its close family only who will be speaking at the memorial. Will pass on the suggestion about the poem thank you but it is already a v busy programme. It is shaping up to be a v special day.

Look fwd see you Friday,


Dermot and Patrick Heal.


He sits back in his chair.

Don’t go, the imaginary daughter says.

How can we not? he says.

We don’t need to, she says.

I can’t not. I have to honour her, he says.

So do something that’ll really honour her, she says.

Richard has lost his best friend and much of this book so far is about grief. However, there these glimpses of something rising from the ashes, something growing out of the grief, scattered throughout the narrative.


Needless to say, I'm really keen to find out where this is going.

I also have feeling that tomorrow may need a lot of coffee to make up for the sleep I'm not going to get tonight.