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A Man Could Stand Up... - Ford Madox Ford;Sara Haslam

Slowly, amidst intolerable noises from, on the one hand, the street and, on the other, from the large and voluminously echoing playground, the depths of the telephone began, for Valentine, to assume an aspect that, years ago, it had used to have--of being a part of the supernatural paraphernalia of inscrutable Destiny.

The telephone, for some ingeniously torturing reason, was in a corner of the great schoolroom without any protection, and, called imperatively, at a moment of considerable suspense, out of the asphalte playground where under her command ranks of girls had stood electrically only just within the margin of control, Valentine with the receiver at her ear was plunged immediately into incomprehensible news uttered by a voice that she seemed half to remember.

While I am really tempted to just power through the rest of The Silver Darlings, I really need something with more bite, more wit, more ... just something more engaging. 


And I miss Christopher Tietjens and his complicated love life.