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The Silver Darlings (Ff Classics) - Neil M. Gunn

The story is still mostly about the "plague" (the cholera outbreak), fishing, and Finn growing up in the mids of the impotence of the people against their circumstances, but there are some beautiful passages:

"Finn had often heard of Cape Wrath and now had plenty of time to gaze on its towering crags against which white sea-birds floated like blown feathers, their high cries sounding afar off and inward, in echo of rock and cavern. It inspired the crew with awe and held them to silence, and none the less because the sea around it was to-day comparatively calm with, however, that ominous long swing and heave of the waters that broke in deep white. Peril was clearly held on uneasy rein, and the rock-brows stared over crested seas to an uttermost Arctic."

(Cape Wrath. Image found on the interwebs.)