Reading progress update: I've read 206 out of 585 pages.

The Silver Darlings (Ff Classics) - Neil M. Gunn

I am sure my fellow readers in the Library Book Club will love this. 


It's full of sympathy for and detail of the hardship of the crofters during and after the Highland Clearances and full of detail of the emerging fishing industry. 


What I am lacking is a gripping story or an interesting character or some sort of of gripping tension or conflict or something other than what the story is providing. 


I mean, the sections that dealt with the community's response to an outbreak of cholera were great, and so were the sections that deal with any sort of ... action ... or drama ... but the long sections in between are mostly about young Finn growing up, which is not very interesting at all. It could have been if we got see it from Finn's point of view, perhaps, but we get told Finn's story from a 3rd person narrator point of view.


It's a worthwhile read, but probably less so if the local interest story holds no interest.